He’s Perhaps Maybe Maybe Not Gay, He’s Got Gay Tendencies. You’ve got concerns? He’s got responses! Need advice?

He’s Perhaps Maybe Maybe Not Gay, He’s Got Gay Tendencies. You’ve got concerns? He’s got responses! Need advice?

Dear Gay Closest Friend

I have a nagging problem i just can’t find out. I will be from the country that is small and now have been the sort that likes town dudes. I love everything about them – their swag, the direction they dress, and also the method they carry on their own.

One time I happened to be within the Dollar General Store and came across this person, “Carl, ” from Washington, DC. Carl told me he was in city because he’d been focusing on a building for just two years. We exchanged figures and two weeks later Carl calls, and ended up being telling me personally about himself. He stated he’s a large Kanye West fan, extremely into fashion, and a huge soccer fan.

Carl asked whenever we could chill one night and I also said yeah. We started talking and he told me that everyone he comes across thinks he’s gay when I got to his house. My eyes got actually big. We asked, “Why do they believe you’re homosexual? ” He said, “It’s because I’m well-groomed. We manage my human body. I love to dress good and I also like clean things. ” We stated, “Ok. ” Then asked, “Is that gonna be described as issue? ” I stated, “No. ”

That night that is same explained he hadn’t had intercourse since October also it ended up being June. We’d intercourse and it is hit by him through the back. I recall hearing that “Down Low” dudes like striking it through the relative straight back and nothing else. About 30 days or two later on he came across my relative so when quickly as she laid eyes on him she stated he’s gay, without also conversing with him first. Then when he left my relative asked, “Is he homosexual? ” We stated, “No. ”

I enjoy him and he’s excellent. Therefore speak to me personally is he gay? –“Small Town Confusion”

Dear “Small Town Confusion, ”

Simply because you’re in a town that is small maybe perhaps not alienated through the world. Clues are clues, honey. But i know the “Big City” man whom dazzled you along with his looks that are good high-fashions, and sweet nothings made you poor in the knees. Girl, we’ve all been there.

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Now, in line with the given information you supplied only 1 thing sticks out which makes me go, hmmm, could he be homosexual? It’s that everyone else he results in thinks he could be. We originate from the school that is old we now have a saying, “Everyone knows, however you. ” Meaning, we have all peeped your card regarding the sex, however you have been in denial.

Nevertheless, we re-read your story and I also considered to myself, wait a moment, i understand many men that are heterosexual your buddy. They like Kayne Western. They gown nice, are well-groomed, and look after their health. They are soccer fans. And, on numerous occasions folks have thought they certainly were gay. Awww, the key word, “assume. ”

The truth is, Ms. Small-Town-Confusion, we place guys like your buddy when you look at the group of, He’s Not Gay, But he’s got Gay Tendencies. The reason by it is their mannerisms and actions would make one instantly assume, based entirely on observation, they have been homosexual. Yet, with them, you discover they are not gay, they are just slightly effeminate as you get to know these men, have conversation, and hang out. And, it can be in line with the reality they talk to a lisp, utilize their arms if they talk, carry man-bags, and like being well-groomed. Those try not to make a guy gay.

Even liking Kayne West doesn’t equal gay. He makes good music. But, in case your guy is performing in a falsetto vocals, songs by, Whitney Houston and Beyonce, in which he knows the routine to “Single Ladies, ” then uhm, woman, he could be homosexual.

But, i really do like he had been upfront with you as he said people think he’s homosexual, and asked if you had a challenge along with it. Many guys would run and prevent this issue, rather than share exactly just just what other people think about their sex. If you ask me it shows he could be confident with whom he’s. And, with himself he wants to know if you are if he is comfortable. And, you him told you’re.